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3D scan Möbelhaus Gebäude

use of 3D Scanning

  • pipelines

  • buildings

  • spare parts

  • ships


We are equipped with a number of highly accurate 3D measurement tools and technology, which enables the scan of buildings, ships, engine rooms and further 3D-dimensional objects and spaces.


Digitizing a property’s interior and exterior by 3D scan provides strategic advantages for architects, construction companies and building owners.

Spare parts

3D Scanning enables reverse engineering of virtually any component. It can be easily combined with 3D printing for prototyping and testing, as well as for generating spare parts when drawings are not available.

Professional equipment

Modelmaker MMDX

The ModelMaker MMDx features digital camera technology and enhanced sensor performance of the 3rd generation to scan all sample materials and surface finishes. ModelMaker MMDx laser scanners come in 50, 100 and 200mm laser stripe widths, to suit every inspection need.

FARO Focus S70

Faro Focus S70 is a mid-range device offering precise scanning up to 70m. The ultra-portable Faro Focus S70 enables fast, straightforward, and accurate measurements of objects and buildings. It records architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities.

Nikon MCAX

The Nikon MCAx is a portable and extremely accurate articulated arm. It has a tactile probing performance from 0.023 mm and 7 axis. It can be ideally combined with the ModelMaker MMDx.

3D Scan Projects

Whether buildings, ship engine rooms or spare parts: we have the experience to scan any kind of three-dimensional objects.

3D Scanner and AIDA

Altimetry Cruise “AIDA”

A complete set of altitude measurements were taken of the cruise ship AIDA. The use of 3D scanners ensured outstanding accuracy and detailed results within a matter of days.
3D Scan Innenraum Möbelhaus

Real Estate Scanning

The scan of a complete furniture store enables a 3D visualization of building characteristics as well as the reconstruction and development of floor plans and facades.

Gas Compresso Reverse Engineering

This gas compressor had no drawings available. A replacement appeared at first to be difficult. However, by scanning the compressor and transferring the data to specialized software, we can now produce this item multiple times and ensure that the quality of the copies.

3D Scanning has never been so easy

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