The Refit Night Express

The Future of Travel is Sustainable

Sustainable travel was considered holistically right from the beginning: A disused train car and it’s conversion into a forward looking concept of travel built the center of all thoughts. The resulting idea offers a resource – saving and economically promising approach.

4 square meter
2 cabin designs

The Sky-bed Cabin
with two generous skylights and an unbeatable view into the night sky.

The Spacious Cabin appears much more spacious with the same size and an easy to enter ground level bed.

Efficient Relaxiation

Slowing down with the certainty that you will be taken to your destination without having to do anything else. Enjoying privacy to let your thoughts wander or to be able to focus fully. These needs of business travelers have so far remained unfulfi lled in night trains.

En-suite Bathroom

According to the individual preferences it is possible to choose between two cabins in the booking process. Independent from the cabin a private en-suite bathroom with sink, shower and toilet can also be added.

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