The broad skillset of our manufacturing team allows us to deliver outstanding outcomes with attention to detail and a passion for quality. Find out more about our manufacturing below.

3D printing

The expertise within our team allows us to offer a variety of 3D outcomes such as miniature functional or non-functional prototypes, tools, replacement parts and more, with the optional choice of your required printing material. Due to our familiarity with a wide range of technologies (e.g. stereolithography) we can offer 3D prints with several different properties.

fiber composites

Using fiber composites (GFRP or CFRP) guarantees a superior structural quality which allows high-end surface coating on your requested item. The close cooperation between our manufacturers and our CAD designers assures perfectly implemented and highly professional haptic outcomes.

Hard foams

In cooperation with our partners, we process hard foams in all different densities for CFRP and GRP models in multiple sizes. In order to achieve the perfect outcome for you, we use high-quality machine-based tools for shaping such as saws, drills, lathes and milling machines as well as hand tools for the final touches.

Wood processing

Depending on your specific requirements, we are familiar with both traditional methods as well as modern CNC technology in order to process all different kinds of timber materials. Whether you require a custom-made furniture piece, any kind of shopfitting, model making or the process of veneering – our multi-disciplined manufacturing team can provide it all.

Metal processing

Our expertise and the variety of tools we have access to for metal processing allows us to offer you high-quality laser-cut items as well as precision turned and milled parts. Whether you demand a small or large series or individual parts – we implement your request with your choice of material, such as aluminum, structural steel or stainless steel.

painting room

Our workshop includes a modern and fully-equipped painting room which enables our manufacturers to accomplish work with outstanding accuracy on all surface finishings. Our experts are well-trained on true-to-original varnishes for any kind of requested prototyping for all different industries (e.g. aviation).

SWP in Lackraum

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