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Reverse Engineering

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Reproduce the component in CAD for further processing.

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is the process of extracting the design elements from an existing component, aiming to reproduce the existing object as accurately as possible.

In order to verify the insights gained, an attempt is often made to produce a 1:1 copy of the object, on the basis of which it is basically possible to carry out further development.

Reverse Engineering example projects

gas compressor


This gas compressor was a one-off production. As there were no drawings available, a replacement of this product appeared at first to be difficult. However, by scanning the compressor and transferring the data to specialized software, we can now produce this item multiple times.

Aerodynamisches Teil für Reverse Engineering

Parametric Reverse Engineering for Aerodynamics

Performing 3D scans on this aerodynamic component of a racing car, enabled us to replicate the production of this individual component multiple times. A 3D-net is created through the extensive data measurements of the scanners. This also provides an extremely high level of detail of the scanned object.

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