The Refit Night Express

Sustainable travel was considered holistically right from the beginning: A disused train car and it’s conversion into a forward looking concept of travel built the center of all thoughts. The resulting idea offers a resource – saving and economically promising approach.

Hydrogen Aviation Systems

Due to the high complexity of hydrogen aviation systems, the use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel would hardly be feasible with a conventional document-based approach. Instead, in this collaborative project, digital system models are built using a Model-Based Systems Engineering approach.

DLR Mock up

This project at the “Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt” shows a transformation from a meeting room into a fully functional show-room mock up with the intention to evaluate innovative illumination concepts for aircraft cabins. Original parts are combined with design prototypes and can be modularly exchanged.

Smart Kitchen

This full-size prototype presents an authentic copy of the original and includes functional ‘Plug & Play’ interfaces for electrical equipment such as ovens, microwaves and freezers.

Green Prototype

This approach demonstrates a holistic and full-on sustainable concept of how to revolutionize engineering, design and manufacturing of conventionally built prototypes in the existing industry.


The project – currently under development – focuses on the automated recording of installed pipes in ship engine rooms. Due to the innovative method of digitization of pipe geometry, this approach revolutionizes the sector by offering a digital twin of ship engine rooms.

Automatic Camera Crane

This multifunctional camera crane is fully automatic, remote controllable via tablet and can be mounted on any vehicle. This project displays how the requirement for user-friendliness can be combined with a highly technical product specification. 

3D Scanner and AIDA


A complete set of altitude measurements were taken of the cruise ship AIDA. The use of 3D scanners ensured outstanding accuracy and detailed results within a matter of days.

3D scan Möbelhaus Gebäude

Real estate scanning

The scan of a complete furniture store enables a 3D visualization of building characteristics as well as the reconstruction and development of floor plans and facades.

Renovation of an old farmhouse

A 150-year-old farmhouse underwent a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. Because no drawings were available and the house was rebuilt several times, a 3D survey was taken. The complete plot was also recorded for possible further constructions.

Compressor meshed

Digitization of a compressor

A gas compressor is a geometrically complex part. Digitizing such a component can provide multiple benefits. Thanks to our extremely accurate articulated arm, with a tactile probing performance from 0.023 mm, we were able to create a digital version to the finest detail.

Bracket with Dimensional Deviations

This bracket was constantly manufactured with discrepancies to its dimensional specifications. By scanning the bracket multiple times we identified a deviation trend. A modification of the design was proposed, resulting in an accurate, stable, and repeatable product.

Verification of Pipe Flange Positioning

For a pipe exchange, the flange hole positioning and flange orientation are particularly important. In order to verify that the pipe corresponds to the 3D data, a false color analysis was conducted.


This gas compressor had no drawings available. A replacement appeared at first to be difficult. However, by scanning the compressor and transferring the data to specialized software, we can now produce this item multiple times and ensure that the quality of the copies.

Aerodynamisches Teil für Reverse Engineering


Performing 3D scans on this aerodynamic component of a racing car, enabled us to replicate the production of this individual component multiple times. A 3D-net is created through the extensive data measurements of the scanners. This also provides an extremely high level of detail of the scanned object.
Ballast Water Tank


Ballast water tanks on ships make an essential contribution to floating stability. We were called to help on calculating the filling level and ballast weight.

With our 3D-scanning equipment, we measured the tank from the inside, which extended over 3 floors. Based on this we were able to create a 3D volume model of the tank and simulate different filling levels.

The big advantage of this measurement and simulation is that the tank does not have to be physically aligned for different trim angles or inclination angles.

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