Automatic Camera Crane

Shooting unique angles at high speed

Kamera Kran

Our team has developed a fully automatic, remote-controlled and parameterizable camera crane to give filmmakers a whole new level of video creation possibilities.

The crane has been designed with the following properties in mind: lightweight construction, fast and intuitive assembly, transportability and ergonomics while being able to capture and shoot unique angles. Our goal is to have a maximum of 20kg per individual part, in order to ensure easy and flexible assembly.

Our experts implemented the mechanics of the crane as well as the entire electrics and the tailored software in-house. We were able to develop such a holistic and fully matured automation project due to the close collaboration and consultation between our teams.

The crane was initially parameterized via an app. Live feedback from the sensors as well as exact position and location can be simultaneously visualized on the tablet. The data is transmitted via Wi-Fi and through a CAN-bus network. The control commands of the wireless remote control are processed by a custom designed microcontroller. Additionally, safety systems and sensors (up to performance level E) are monitored and controlled by a dedicated security PLC. We live industry 4.0, therefore system diagnostics can be performed worldwide, via a mobile phone hotspot remote connection.

The whole crane weighs 135kg in total. As all parts can be dismantled easily, the individual components can even be packed into airworthy-sized luggage. Due to these modular properties the crane can be installed within 15 minutes on any required vehicle.

The crane is powered via four standard 12V car batteries with a nominal motor power of 2KW distributed to two BLDC motors and two electronic actuators.

We were able to develop this product in under two years, which was only possible due to our agile way of working.

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