3D Scan services

3D Documentation

Scan spaces and large objects.

Stored in the cloud, access and measure from anywhere.

rooms - buildings - industrial units - ships - airplanes - machines

surveying of

  • Machines
  • Production Lines
  • Construction sites
  • Entire buildings

The scan data is made available on a cloud server.

In this way, the measurements can be viewed digitally and, for example, dimensions can be taken.

by laser scan

3D data access in the cloud

Delivery of the 3D Model to a Cloud Server with the possibility to measure distances, as well as areas. Ideal for remote inspections.

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3D Documentation example projects

3D scan Möbelhaus Gebäude

Real estate scanning

The scan of a complete furniture store enables a 3D visualization of building characteristics as well as the reconstruction and development of floor plans and facades.

Renovation of a 150-year-old farmhouse

A 150-year-old farmhouse underwent a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. Because no drawings were available and the house was rebuilt several times, a 3D survey was taken. The complete plot was also recorded for possible further constructions.

Image Accordion #1

Image Accordion #2

Image Accordion #3

Image Accordion #4

Image Accordion #5

Image Accordion #6

Image Accordion #7


Risk minimization

  • Construction documentation can be viewed online
  • The accurate measurements can also be taken and measurements can be completed afterwards - even years later

cost savings

  • Avoidance of time-, cost- and effort-intensive travel by technicians
  • Fast and precise measurement

Planning security

  • Improved communication between project partners based on measurable data
  • Visual planning basis


  • Architects
  • Insurances
  • Remote measurement
  • Damage assessment
  • Plant engineering company

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