DLR Mock up

Multifunctional Aircraft Show Room at the "Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt"

DLR Meeting Raum Rendering

The mock up replicates a section of a one-sided aircraft cabin and shall be used for acceptance testing and design studies. The customer required a special location for the installation, which allows the room to be multifunctional while still being available as meeting room.

The challenge of combining the integration of original airplane parts, the implementation of a representative and innovate lighting system and an additional project mapping option into an individual room fitting, has been mastered by our team.


Our designers came up with innovative and aesthetic design ideas based on the customer’s requirements and the technical conditions of the room.

Due to their wide imagination combined with their understanding of the technical background, the designers were able to quickly provide a proposal for the requested show room which fulfilled the customer’s needs while respecting the overall boundaries in terms of schedule and budget.

Sketch Projector

3D Scan and CAD Design

All dimensions and features of the designated room have been precisely captured by means of a complete 3D scan, which builds the foundation for all following engineering tasks.

The whole mock up itself was designed in a full 3D environment. Using the 3D scan data, a digital twin of the mock up has been created. It can be used for design reviews; the extraction of CAD/CAM data and it also provides input data for the projection mapping system.

A smooth integration and build-up without rework or modifications is another important aspect that has been enabled by the digital twin.

Scan Struktur

Manufacturing and build-up

The mock up combines original aircraft parts and individually designed and manufactured components. Due to our broad skillset and well equipped workshop, we were able to manufacture, pre-assemble and finish all non-aircraft lining components in our own workspace. We were able to achieve an optimized build up thanks to the digital twin.

Lighting concept

One central feature of this project is the innovate lighting and projection mapping system. It enables the representative illumination of the cabin segment to display original aircraft lighting scenarios, which can be predefined and fully adjusted in color and brightness. Furthermore, it includes a special light panel integrated into the ceiling area, which can illuminate customized patterns.


The projection mapping system is the next step in innovative illumination of passenger cabins. We installed a system that is able to project dynamic content on the interior parts. Projection will be used for general illumination and passenger guidance. In the next step it can be extended with features to enable interaction with the passenger.

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