Digitization of pipelines

3D Scan in the maritime sector

Digital twin — 3D Scan — CAD Model — pipelines — Maritime
This funded project targets the digitization of pipeline geometries in ship engine rooms. The planned digitization does not require any manual dismantling of the pipes and can be carried out without any maintenance stops. This project is set to a two-year funding duration with a total budget of 1 million to 1.5 million euros.
The project is specifically tailored to the maritime sector. The main target groups of this project are shipping companies, shipyards, as well as manufacturing companies, technicians and maintenance companies of ship operation facilities.

2 years

Duration of the funding

1.5 Mio. EUROs


The aim is to achieve a rapid and highly efficient acquisition of pipe systems from DN20 to DN1000. Pipes can be scanned in defective or intact condition, which allows for the creation of semi-automatically parameterized 3D CAD models for the international manufacturing network.

By digitizing engine rooms, repair work can be carried out faster and more accurately than using conventional methods. The acquired data is made available to the customer and can be used for further work, such as modernization measures (retrofit).

This highly innovative approach does not only open a completely new window on technical ship maintenance, it also saves valuable time and money for customers and ship owners. The process is tailored to avoid forced operational stops. As a result of this method, cost efficiency can be increased by up to 85% compared to conventional detection of defective pipe systems (from detection to replacement of the component).

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