3D Scan Services

3D Surveying for Architects

Scan of buildings.

Creation of floor plans and drawings conforming to standards.

With the 3D laser scanning of buildings you can quickly obtain:

2D room plans

Facade plans


3D models

AS-Built Plans

We create a reliable baseline for your drawings and plans.

Be it a renovation or a robust assessment of the dimensions of your space.

The 3D documentation process can significantly reduce the effort and error-proneness of manual measurement.

3D models

3D models can be created from the scanned point cloud.

surveying example projects

Surveying of two office buildings

Our 3D scanners are often required when a property is to be modernized but no correct plans are available. This was also the case for two objects near Hamburg. For planning the modernization of 4 floors of office space, floor plans were requested. The special request was to show the heights of doors and windows as well as radiators, air conditioners and electrical connections on the plans.

Renovation of a 150-year-old farmhouse

A 150-year-old farmhouse underwent a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. Because no drawings were available and the house was rebuilt several times, a 3D survey was taken. The complete plot was also recorded for possible further constructions.

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