Mock Up

3D reality from concept to production. Mock-ups engulf a variety of applications including sales and marketing presentations, design sign off, testing and evaluation. We provide a cost effective range of services and expertise covering a wide spectrum of markets and industries.

Centerline Design, has a well established name in the field of mock ups, in Hamburg and the North of Germany. We offer the design, construction and manufacture of all designs. This includes experimental, industrial, and detailed manufacture. We produce experimental prototypes and products through to the fields of corporate marketing and exhibition stand construction. 

Customer benefits from a close working cooperation. At all phases of product development, we never lose sight of the customer’s main goal. We continually give feed back through open dialogue and technical presentation so that the customer is aware, and can modify any detail of the build at that point in time.

We are a full-service partner, and can complete any project from sketch to build. We can also be used as a design specific, or build specific partner. Centerline Design uses designers, engineers, model builders, carpenters, metalworkers, electricians and painters to ensure professional expertise and accurate implementation of all the customers wishes at every stage. For details of the production methods, and materials please refer to the menu item "manufacturing"


Mock-ups & Prototyping

- Rapid 1:1 Visualisation models
- Show Vehicles
- Body & Trim Details
- Machined scale models
- Wind Tunnel Models
- Data prove out models
- Environment cubes
- Body in white mock-ups
- Full cabin interiors
- Working prototype's
- Design development
- CAD/CAM service


- CNC machining
- Pattern shop fabrication
- Carbon, phenolic parts
- GRP (drape, vacuum, RTM)
- Resin transfer moulding
- Resin Injection moulding
- PU moulding (RIM)
- Vacuum casting
- Composite tooling
- Composite part manufacture
- Paint shop
- CMM & Faro arm inspection