Manufacturing is one of the last parts of the whole product process. Starting with brainstorming, then on to the design, the product goes into production. Depending on customer requirements, Centerline Design can implement one part, several parts or the whole process. In the production part, we are using different materials and processing methods to implement best the customer’s need.



Our expertise in the metalworking segment allows us to offer sophisticated laser, rotary or milled parts, which we will gladly customize according to your requirements for small to mass production or individual parts. We will accurately implement high demands on quality in the processing in the material of your choice, such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel.


Wood Processing

Depending on customer requirements we can process timber material with traditional methods but also by means of modern CNC technology. Again: Whether it is mass production, custom-made, model or veneering - we manufacture everything according to your needs.


Hard foams

We can process hard foams in different densities, or Uriol master models for CFRP and GRP models customer compliant. We use high-quality machining tools for controlled shaping such as saws, drills, lathes and milling machines. Moreover, we may also use hand tools according to customer requirements. Through the various processing options small models are just as feasible as large-scale models, which are compiled of, e.g. machined, component models.


Fibre Composites

Fibre composite parts (GFK or CFK) are used in the automotive, aerospace, leisure but also in the construction industry and manufactured by us. We can create 3D models (CAD data) according to your wishes or, if you already have finished 3D models, molds, prototypes or serial parts, manufacture them accordingly.


3D Printing

Printing in 3 dimensions enables a new approach to manufacturing. Based on a 3D model (CAD file) the 3D printer creates the object layer by layer. There are possible applications in all phases of product development. Through the different printing methods, Centerline can create concept models, but also to produce functional prototypes, master models, tools or to manufacture for final consumption. Materials can be adapted to customer’s needs and wishes (plastic, metal, mixed materials). As a full-service provider, Centerline Design helps you create 3D printable files and prints your objects with the requested properties in the 3D.