Color Analysis

Surface Quality – Colorimetric Analysis

Color definition, surface quality, Design – attribute, which are essential for a purchase decision.
If the technique has already a Nivea and fixed development status, in that case Design is the attribute with what you are able to customize the product. To have the spirit of the Design and at the same time being aware of all tolerances and legal regulations…. that is what we are aiming for…..

That we are able to see the world so colorful, it is thanks to the moods of the lights.
(Wissen 2013 Wissenschaft)

Light in non-science words:

  • Light is essential for color perception.
  • That is why we don´ t see colors in the dark, rather only grey shades. That is a combination of light and its reflection.
  • Light consist out of electromagnetically waves, which are just partially visible by the human eye.  For us electromagnetically waves, which are visible, are recognized as light.

The inset color is the same but appears to be different.
By Akiyoshi Kitaoka
Department of Psychology, Ritsumeikan University



LAB separates color information into lightness L* and color information a* and b* on two axes - red/green = a* axis and yellow/blue=b* axis. L*=0 means black and L*=100 means white. Darker colors are located below the center axis, brighter colors above and the more pure a color is, the more it is located towards to outside boundaries. In the middle axis one finds all shades of grey from white to black...
BYK Additives & Instruments


Light chamber

Possibility to check materials under 3 light sources:

  • Daylight
  • Fluorescent light
  • A350 LED Cabin Illumination
  • With the help of the light chamber
  • Metamersim effects are visible
  • No refextion


Colorimetric challenges, narrow tolerances in the Aircraft industry*

  • Know How of Colorimetric challenges
    • Paint tolerances; Aircraft Richtlinien/internal guidelines
    • Defect Size Assesment
    • Retouching, Rework
    • Texture Loss,  Paint process optimization
    • Metameric effects
    • Illumination


  • Complex network of suppliers, Communication intensive and time consuming
  • Onsite support with colorimetric measurement tools and Inspection parameters
  • Compatibility with other measurement tools

Knowledge and Case studies in: (former: Aesthetical Acceptance at AIRBUS, connection to all affected supplier and knowledge about Design and suface qualitiy feasibility)

  • Pattern alignment
  • Interface specification ( e.g. sealant)
  • Color approval inside the cabin with 3 different lighting scenarios, metamerism effects
  • Decor findings ( misalignment, overlapping, split lines, flimsy items, differences in decor, pattern distortion through application)

Knowledge and Case studies in: (former: Aesthetical Acceptance at AIRBUS, connection to all affected supplier and knowledge about Design and suface qualitiy feasibility)

  • Misalignment/ parallelism finding for all materials/All cabin lining gaps tolerances
  • Telegraphing (Decor Films, Protective Films)
  • Color Findings through color measurement tool and Experience in color canges, faded colors, wrong or batch deviations
  • Chrome/ Galvanization inconsistent surface

Benefits are:

  • Cost Saving
    • No risks in delivery of parts
    • Less waste of material (parts itself, paint and tools)
  • Exact colorimetric measurement results         
  • Aligned process and contracts within the whole Supply Chain

At the end of the Day … Design, Colors and Surface Quality can change the product to a different perspective.