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Centerline Design’s forward-thinking, sustainability-focused and multifaceted team offers outside of the box and highly professional end-to-end engineering solutions to global customers. We create holistic engineering outcomes tailored specifically to your requirements and expectations.
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From Idea To Final Product

We are able to create and lead entire projects for you: from the initial engineering processes and design ideation to the detailed manufacturing tasks – we offer you the whole package.

Part and parcel of our service is to provide support on individual development or production orders depending on your request. The close interaction between our expert teams enables us to create an all-around solution for your needs.

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We design tailor-made and production-ready solutions using our wide array of engineering skills in areas such as CAD modelling, parametric reverse engineering and simulations like augmented reality (AR) for your specific project.
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Our flexible and dynamic design team is equipped with an extensive set of skills. Along with graphic and conceptual design, we can offer you expertise in color, materials and finish as well as sustainable design.
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With an on-site workshop, we are able to provide a complete realization of your project. Our experience across different fields means that our manufacturing team can offer holistic solutions including industrial test models and mock ups.

3D Scan

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We have a highly skilled team and access to a wide variety of 3D scan equipment meaning we are well-prepared to meet all your needs and specifications. 3D scanning offers precise measurements saving you precious time and costs for your project

3D Documentation — Reverse Engineering — Scan to CAD TO CAD — Interiors and retrofit



The project – currently under development – focuses on the automated recording of installed pipes in ship engine rooms. Due to the innovative method of digitization of pipe geometry, this approach revolutionizes the sector by offering a digital twin of ship engine rooms.

The Refit Night Express​

Sustainable travel was considered holistically right from the beginning: A disused train car and it’s conversion into a forward looking concept of travel built the center of all thoughts. The resulting idea offers a resource – saving and economically promising approach.

MIWa Projekt

Hydrogen Aviation Systems​

Due to the high complexity of hydrogen aviation systems, the use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel would hardly be feasible with a conventional document-based approach. Instead, in this collaborative project, digital system models are built using a Model-Based Systems Engineering approach.

Smart Kitchen

This full-size prototype presents an authentic copy of the original and includes functional ‘Plug & Play’ interfaces for electrical equipment such as ovens, microwaves and freezers.


Green Prototype

This approach demonstrates a holistic and full-on sustainable concept of how to revolutionize engineering, design and manufacturing of conventionally built prototypes in the existing industry.

DLR Mock up

This project at the “Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt” shows a transformation from a meeting room into a fully functional show-room mock up with the intention to evaluate innovative illumination concepts for aircraft cabins. Original parts are combined with design prototypes and can be modularly exchanged.

CLD for Future

We are continuously reconsidering the demands we have set and the ones we want to carry out to clients and suppliers in order to fight climate change. Our mission is to implement more and more sustainable actions within our company’s philosophy and our processes.

Ökoprofit Certificate

Das Ökoprofit-Programm bietet eine großartige Chance für kleine und mittelgroße Unternehmen, umwelt- und klimafreundliche Maßnahmen innerhalb ihrer Unternehmensphilosophie zu verankern. Es werden nicht nur gesetzliche Anforderungen, sondern auch umweltfreundliche und nachhaltige Prozesse in den Arbeitsalltag implementiert und umgesetzt.

Umweltpartnerschaft Logo

Umwelt Partnerschaft

The Umweltpartnerschaft is a partnership between the city of Hamburg and participating local companies. It is a voluntarily network that contributes to climate and environmental protection both globally and in Hamburg.

What customers say

“Centerline convinced me with its quick advice and excellent product quality. Highly demanding problems are solved excellently.”

— Sebastian Schluricke, CEO of Aerotune GmbH

“It was clear to me from the start that the employees here are highly motivated. You can tell that taking initiative is a top priority at Centerline Design. Always happy to do business with you.”

— Sarah Tzitzikos, owner of lokales Bildungsnetz Karlsruhe

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